The Regent School PTO is a self funding, non-profit organization that works with parents, teachers and community members in order to promote high standards in the education and well being of our children. Our purpose is to…

  • ◆ communicate;
  • ◆ motivate;
  • ◆ fund-raise, and
  • ◆ facilitate.

Our PTO is only as strong as the commitments made by our parents. We need you and your support. With just a little time and involvement we can help our children and their school in their goals to excel in education!

We welcome and encourage all families to join the PTO. We have a lot of work to do and we need energetic and enthusiastic participation! Participation includes; attending PTO meetings, contacting officers and committee chairpersons, and sharing your thoughts, talents, and ideas.

We look forward to working together towards our children’s futures!

Things We Do

The RSPTO has sponsored the following events:

  • ◆ College Savings Night
  • ◆ Tech Talk Night
  • ◆ Family Movie Night
  • ◆ Honor Roll Breakfast
  • ◆ Kids Choice Dance
  • ◆ K4/K5 Ice Cream Social

We've implemented after school clubs and a school wide savings program with Ridgewood Savings Bank.