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School Uniforms

Regent School

Required Dress Code Policy

Regent School’s mandatory dress code policy is designed to foster pride and confidence in each student, create a non-competitive dress environment and to be easy for student and parents on a daily basis.   Presenting a good appearance shows respect for each other and for one’s self.  The uniform dress code will be enforced strictly throughout the course of the year.  There will be no exceptions to the dress code for any student or for any reason.  Please read the list below and make sure your child is in compliance. 
  1. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times and be an appropriate size.
  2. The Regent School logo is to be on all shirts without exception.
  3. Pants are to be worn on the waist with a belt.  Absolutely no sagging or bagging allowed.  Jeans are not permitted.
  4. Shorts, Skirts and Skorts may not be more than 1” inch above the knee.
  5. Sweaters must be solid color.  The Regent School logo is permitted on all tops.
  6. Hoodies, Coats, and Jackets are to be worn to and from school only.  Students are not allowed to wear these items during the school day.
  7. Hats can be worn to and from school.  They are to never be worn once inside the building.
  8. Students are allowed to wear black, brown or tan shoes only.
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